Parking Insights
By Mark Williams and Bob Linehart   |   3.5 min. read It’s time to debunk an airport parking myth. Contrary to what airport facility managers may assume, valet parking isn’t just a parking initiative. It’s isn’t simply a customer service add-on, either. In fact, valet parking can act as an in-terminal revenue generator. Surprised?...
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A female driver holding her index finger and thumb to her head in frustration and discomfort.
By Rick Wilson   |   4.5 min. read Patients can’t disassociate from their roles and responsibilities outside of the hospital environment, nor should they be expected to. Unfortunately for healthcare providers, this means patients’ anxiety levels can fluctuate markedly from one clinical visit to the next. Providing simple comforts, conveniences, and tokens of appreciation...
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A patient interacts with a patient feedback terminal.
By Jennifer Boyette and Eric Williams   |   4 min. read Today’s tech-savvy patients have significantly higher expectations of their healthcare experiences than they did just five years ago. Anchored in a society supported by instantly accessible information, seamlessly integrated technology, and end-to-end connectivity, healthcare providers face a trying task: match the consumer experience...
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The interior of a self-driving car, equipped with a laptop and rotating seats. 3D illustration.
By Stan Bochniak   |   4.5 min. read With the steady rise of autonomous vehicles (AVs), the automotive industry is tussling with the largest transformation in its history — one that’s poised to render human drivers obsolete. Unsurprisingly, we don’t often like to think of ourselves as obsolete. And though AVs are set to...
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A concerned woman leads a serious business meeting.
By Joey Guenther   |   3 min. read 1. Is your parking operator expanding your B2C circle of influence (COI)? There are two fundamental approaches to expanding your parking asset’s COI, and both require proactivity on your parking operator’s part. The first is digital marketing. The Ecommerce Foundation’s United States B2C Ecommerce Country Report...
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Paper cut-outs of an envelope, @ symbol, and cell phone sit on a wooden table.
By Doug Hardesty   |   2.5 min. read Why Dematerialize? Dematerialization allows parking asset owners and administrators to reduce reliance on physical resources while maintaining a quality customer experience. In most cases, dematerialization allows the customer experience to be improved; as technology now permeates most aspects of our lives, service providers across all industries...
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A car enters a gateless underground parking facility.
By Jeff Van Allen   |   2 min. read Why Go Gateless? Though not necessarily a suitable solution for every parking facility, going gateless can help resolve several operational inefficiencies. The most common of these is sluggish ingress/egress, which can cause unwieldy back-ups and congestion in and around parking facilities. In particular, sprawling institutional...
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A parked car is barely visible under a mound of snow.
By Josh Gianotsos & Greg Chapman   |   3 min. read Oh, winter. Its inevitability doesn’t make it any more palatable. With the biting chill of the season quickly creeping in, parking asset owners must ensure parking facilities of every kind are ready for the bracing wintertime elements. Here are four steps you can...
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A route planned on a digital map. 3D illustration.
By Mark Williams   |   4 min. read As discussed in 7 Tips for Sourcing Hospital Shuttle Buses, a well-developed shuttle service can address a number of healthcare campus hitches. Some shuttle services move employees and volunteers from remote parking lots to hospital grounds, increasing on-site parking capacity for patients and visitors. Others help...
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A smiling Impark HEALTH attendant assisting a man in a wheelchair who is boarding an Impark HEALTH shuttle bus.
Introduction When a person seeking clinical care enters a medical campus, they experience an identity shift. They are no longer recognized by name, personality, and other distinguishing features. Instead, they are a patient: a member of a group seeking care for an illness, injury, or disease. It’s this identity shift that marks the beginning of...
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